Special Considerations for Women before Visiting a Dentist in Pine Beach

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Dentist

There are many different dental considerations that a woman needs to be aware of. If you are a woman you might experience some concerns or issues at a greater rate than what a man might experience. A dentist in Pine Beach can completely understand these concerns and can help you out with all sorts of problems that you might have.

Gingivitis Concerns

An interesting difference between men and women is that women are more likely to suffer from gingivitis. This is primarily because women who become pregnant tend to develop gingivitis during their pregnancies. This is often from changes in how a woman’s body adjusts to the pregnancy. It does not pose much of a risk to a baby but it can be difficult for a woman to handle.

This gingivitis can cause inflammation around the gums. It could even cause infections in the bloodlines around the area in some of the worst cases. Therefore, a woman must contact a dentist for help in the event that she is dealing with these issues while pregnant. It also helps for a woman to be checked for gingivitis even if she is not pregnant.

TMJ Issues

TMJ is a common jaw issue that women are more likely to suffer from than men. A woman is more likely to develop pains around the jaw and facial muscles as a result of this condition. A dentist can inspect a woman’s jaw to see how it is aligned and if she is suffering from issues involving TMJ and to also see where the pains are being felt.

This can all be done to keep the teeth health while making sure that your jaw is as comfortable as it can be. You need to talk with a doctor about any alignment issues you might have so your doctor can find something appropriate for your treatment. In some cases your dentist might even prescribe you a medicine to help with TMJ issues.

Tooth Pains

Women are often more likely to suffer from tooth pains. This could come from how tissues around the gums might not be as strong as the tissues that a man might have around his gums. You should take a look at your gums if you are a woman who might have some concerns about them because they are often the link to your teeth and how sensitive they could be.

A dentist in Pine Beach should assist you in the event that you have problems with your gums relating to tooth pains. A dentist can help remove infections, handle grafts for weak spots and take care of sections where the roots might have to be planed and controlled to keep them from being too large. This is a necessity that should be used if you want to protect your teeth.

You should make sure that your dental concerns are taken care of if you are a woman and you have specific needs that relate to your dental health. A dentist in Pine Beach can take care of several things that you need with regards to gingivitis, teeth pain and TMJ problems among others. It’s a necessity to see how your dentist can help.

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