The Smile Time Family Dentistry: A Truly Healthy Choice!

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Dental Care

Life is all about making choices and that can be scary sometimes. You are never sure if the decision you are making is the right one or not. No matter how much research you do about anything, the anxiety of approaching the unknown is always there. This is even more so with decisions concerning your and your family’s health.

So let me share a choice with you that has served me very well for quite a few years now. The decision is about choosing the perfect family dentistry. I chose The Smile Time Family Dentistry and have never regretted it. The Smile Time Family Dentistry has a special way of making me and my family feel very welcome and comfortable on our every visit and this is so much more than most other family dental clinics do for their clients.

The staff and dental hygienists are very friendly and courteous. And not just that, they are all extremely well informed about every service that is provided, what the procedure will be like, and what can be done to encourage a fast recovery.

Once you’ve reached the dentists office, you instantly feel at ease and confident that you are in safe hands. The dentists at the Smile Time Family Dentistry are highly experienced and very up-to-date on every new technique and procedure that is being developed to make the patient’s life easy.

Every time I’ve had any work done on my teeth or my kids’, the dentist’s predictions about what to expect post treatment were always right on the dot. That is a sign of experience and knowledge.

Another thing that I absolutely love about the Smile Time Family Dentistry, is that every dental service, whether its general dentistry or cosmetic, is available under one roof. I have never been sent scurrying off to a different practice in some other part of town to get something done because my own dentist did not offer that particular service or procedure.

My deep rooted respect goes beyond simple dental care because of one particular incident that forced the fact on me that dentists can offer much more than a nice smile. During one of my husband’s dental check-ups at the Smile Time Family Dentistry, our family dentist took one look at my husbands teeth and mouth and referred him to a general physician. He was concerned that my husband was suffering from some type of kidney problem. This diagnosis was verified by our doctor with urine and blood tests. A dentist with skills and experience is invaluable.

So go for it! Choose the Smile Time Family Dentistry. This is one decision you be glad you made.

If you are looking for family dentist for all dental needs contact Smile Time Family Dentistry at

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