The Truth Behind Common Myths About Dental Veneers

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Dentist

Veneers are a great option if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers are a versatile option that can correct a variety of issues like gaps between the teeth, damaged enamel, or crooked teeth. Of course, there are many myths surrounding veneers that may prevent you from even considering this option. Here’s what you should really know if you’re considering veneers in Elk Grove Village.

Myth: Veneers are only cosmetic

The truth is veneers can offer restorative as well as cosmetic benefits. Veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth but also protect teeth that have been damaged. Veneers are used to give you a better bite, repair worn-down teeth, and fix molars. Dental veneers can improve your oral health as well as your self-esteem.

Myth: It’s hard to take care of veneers

You can care for veneers just like dental crowns and your natural teeth. To keep your veneers glossy and clean, brush and floss twice a day like normal. In most cases, normal toothpaste is fine although there are special toothpastes designed for dental appliances like veneers.

Myth: Veneers require filing down all of your teeth

This is one of the most common myths but it simply isn’t true. While your dentist will need to reshape your teeth to fit the veneers, this only requires minimal reshaping. Veneers can be as thin as .3mm. This means only a very thin amount of material will be removed from your teeth so the ultra-thin veneers can fit in place.

Myth: Veneers are very noticeable

Actually, some of the biggest celebrities and actors have veneers as well as regular people you encounter every day. Thanks to new technology, veneers are ultra-thin and incredibly natural-looking with a shape, thickness, and color that can be adjusted to achieve the look you want and blend with your natural teeth. Veneers are no more noticeable than porcelain crowns.

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