Things to Know About Installing Dental Crowns in New Brunswick, NJ

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Dental Care

If you have sustained a serious injury in your mouth that has cost you a tooth, you might want to explore the idea of installing dental crowns in New Brunswick, NJ. A dental crown is basically a cover that can be installed atop a damaged tooth. If you have a broken or a chipped tooth, a crown can be installed on top of it in order to improve its appearance and strengthen the top. The tooth basically consists of two parts; the roots that are within the gums, as well as the crown on the top. The dentist may recommend you to install dental crowns for a variety of reasons.

Reasons to Install a Crown

  • A crown can be installed to replace a large filling where the amount of tooth available is not enough to cover the area
  • Prevent a weak tooth from further fractures or damage
  • Restore a damaged or fractured tooth back to its original condition
  • Provide cover for a dental implant
  • Used as cover for a tooth that has recently been treated for a root canal
  • For attaching a bridge
  • For covering a discolored tooth or a tooth that is poorly shaped

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How to Install a Crown

When you first visit a general dentist for installing dental crowns, the first thing that they will do is get a close scan of your tooth. The crown will be custom designed according to the shape of the tooth needed, so the dentists will work closely to create 3D images and then contact a lab to manufacture the crown. They will install it using an adhesive to make sure that the crown sticks properly to your teeth.

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