Things You Should Know About Dental Implants in Southaven MS

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Dentistry

For years people with broken or missing teeth have opted to wear dentures. This is because many people are unaware of the consequences of the use of total or partial dentures. When teeth are broken or missing, the surrounding bone immediately begins to disintegrate, and the bone may not be able to handle it. Wearing dentures can increase bone loss as well. However, dental implants in Southaven MS can change the way people look at dental prosthetics.

Dental implants offer an effective and efficient solution in the area of broken or lost teeth. They feel just like natural teeth as well. You can have the implants in throughout the day without the need to remove them like you would dentures. They will be affixed inside your mouth with some adjustments made at the dental clinic once or twice a year, so they do not result in bone loss.


Dentures need to be adjusted, re-adjusted and even replaced every five years. However, a recent study shows only 40 percent of people who consider this dental procedure still have their dentures. There are some people who may have their original partial dentures even after five years, but still experience a significant amount of bone support. With dental implants, there is no fear of bone loss because the area of the broken tooth is held securely with the help of implants.

When asked if they could chew food with dentures, almost 50 percent of individuals say they can chew food better without them. With dental implants in Southaven MS, it is not necessary to remove them every time you eat foods because they function similar to natural teeth, allowing you to chew food with convenience. Another study revealed that after eight years, nearly 40 percent of teeth that support dentures are lost to tooth decay or fracture. To avoid these problems, you can choose advanced treatment that ensures that the other teeth are not damaged or harmed in any way.

The success rate of implantation is about 98%, which goes to show that it is much better and more effective for treating dental problems than dentures. It will not damage other healthy teeth and won’t disrupt the normal activities in your life. Therefore, you should choose a dentist in your area today that you can trust and rely on. For more information contact Bruce A. Denney DDS.

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