Three Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge in Baltimore, MD

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Dental Care

There are several ways to hide or replace missing teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. However, for many people that have more than one missing tooth, dental implants can be too expensive. Fortunately, there are other options such as dentures or bridges when multiple teeth need to be replaced.

Replacing Several Teeth

If you’ve been in an accident which has knocked out or loosened several teeth, a dentist can replace them by having a dental bridge in Baltimore, MD customized for your mouth. The missing teeth don’t need to be in the same area of the mouth for a bridge to replace them. In some cases, the missing teeth may be on opposite sides of the mouth, but on the same jaw, so bridges can be constructed to replace them.

Supports Teeth

Whenever teeth are missing, they need to be replaced in some manner to provide support for the remaining teeth. Teeth that have gaps next to them may begin to tilt, causing misalignments in the mouth and eventually leading to them becoming permanently crooked. However, a dental bridge can fill in the gaps between teeth and provide the needed support to prevent your natural teeth from shifting.

Cost Effective

If you need to replace missing teeth, a dental bridge can be a less expensive option than dental implants. Bridges may only cost $200 to $300, but implants can cost between $1,000 to $1,200. Also, having a bridge customized for your mouth can help prevent other dental issues such as shifting teeth.

If you have missing teeth, whether there is one or several, a dentist can have a bridge made to replace them. To get more information about dental bridges or to schedule an appointment, go to website domain to find their contact information. The dentist can examine your teeth and then measure your mouth to order a bridge to replace any teeth you have missing.

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