Tooth Damage Repair

If you fall and chip a tooth, then emergency dentistry near Naperville IL are essential. You shouldn’t delay treatment for tooth damage because bacteria can enter the tooth to cause an infection. For a small chip, a dentist can use a polishing instrument to smooth the tooth, but for larger damage, a dentist can use the chip along with resins to fix the tooth. Protect your damaged tooth by not eating or drinking anything, and also, place the tooth’s chip in a damp cloth to bring it to the dental facility.

Fast Appointments

Emergency dentistry in Naperville IL is also required when you have a severe toothache. Call your dentist right away about a toothache because the problem will get worse, leading to a deeper infection that can affect the gum’s alveolar bones. When a dentist knows that you are in pain, the office staff will rearrange appointments so that you can have treatment the same day. Don’t eat or drink anything before going to the dentist’s office because you may need surgery that requires anesthesia. The dentist will examine your mouth along with collecting medical images to determine what is wrong with your tooth.

Eliminating Gum Infections

A toothache is often caused by an infection in the gum tissue, and a dentist will use instruments to wash away the bacteria. If your gums are infected, then the dentist may need to cut away the diseased tissue. When a lot of diseased tissue is removed from the gums, a dentist will loosen and stretch the remaining gum tissue to cover the underlying surfaces along with the dental roots. To learn more about the dental services offered at Hyline Dental, you can contact 630-723-6333, or you can read more about our emergency dentistry services near Naperville IL at Follow us on Facebook.

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