Top Reasons to Get Dental Treatment in St George UT

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Dental Care

Some people remember to visit the dentist every few months for a routine dental exam and cleaning. Others avoid going to the dentist until they have a serious problem. Scheduling routine examinations, x-rays and professional cleanings is the best way to maintain optimum oral hygiene. Discover top reasons why people schedule Dental Treatment in St George UT.

Maintain a Healthy Smile

One of the most common reasons to schedule an appointment with a dentist is to get a routine exam. During the exam, x-rays might be taken to detect cavities or other problems with the patient’s teeth and gums. A cleaning may be performed to get rid of stubborn plaque and debris. Regular maintenance makes it easier to have a healthy smile for years to come.

Take Care of a Toothache

If a person has a toothache, it can become impossible to think, focus or sleep. The pain can be overwhelming and drive them to schedule a dental appointment. Dental Treatment in St George UT for a toothache might include prescribing an antibiotic, filling a cavity, scheduling root canal or even extracting a tooth. The dentist will determine the best treatment approach based on the patient’s unique circumstances.

Fix Broken or Missing Teeth

Over time, teeth can show signs wear and tear, especially if the person does not schedule routine dental exams and cleanings. As a result, teeth might be compromised. Sometimes they crack or break. In extreme situations, teeth are extracted to stop an infection or other oral problem. Broken or missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, crowns, partial or full dentures or dental implants. A dentist works with each patient to determine which approach will give them the best smile at a price that fits into his or her budget.

Get a Whiter Smile

Drinking coffee, eating berries, smoking and other behaviors can cause a person to have discolored teeth. Whitening treatments help patients get the whiter, brighter smile they want. Veneers can also be permanently placed on the fronts of the teeth to transform a dull smile into a stellar one.

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