Transform Your Smile With Veneers

What most people notice about you on a first meeting is your smile and, hence, your teeth. Everything about your face is always on full display, so when there is something that truly detracts from your appearance it’s usual that people will notice this and sometimes be distracted. This is particularly true of your teeth. If you have really discolored or crooked teeth or, even worse, if there are teeth missing, this will be obvious to everyone you speak to or smile at.

With respect to very discolored or stained teeth, there is a solution that will have a dramatic effect in improving your appearance. Having veneers placed on your teeth will make an incredible difference. From being self-conscious about opening your mouth, you can suddenly become proud of your beautiful smile, and this will make an enormous difference to your confidence. In addition, having this procedure may well protect your teeth and improve your oral health.

The process of veneers

The cosmetic process of applying veneers is so sophisticated that it will be impossible to tell that these aren’t your own teeth. In fact, you’ll quickly find that you receive compliments because of your perfectly aligned, shiny white teeth. Actually, if you choose to have only a few veneers, you’ll be able to match these to your existing teeth to create a natural appearance, but it might be an opportunity to have any other stained teeth whitened at the same time. Having veneers applied is not inexpensive, and you should try to ensure that the result is as transforming as it can be.

There are different types of veneers available. Most dentists like to use porcelain as these give an excellent result, but there are other materials available as well. Veneers are very long-lasting, but you do need to take care of them and should avoid those behaviors that caused staining in the past. You should continue to conduct good dental hygiene on all your teeth and your veneers would need no different treatment.

Where to have veneers in Lincoln Park?

As with any other dental procedure, you should choose a practice that has highly experienced dentists and is well known for cosmetic procedures. Sweet Tooth Dentistry has been delighting clients with veneers that have transformed their teeth for many years, and would be able to consult with you about the actual process. Normally, veneers can be applied during two visits, but this would depend on your particular circumstances. Visit us at

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