Types of Material Crowns Can Be Made In In Salem OR

by | May 21, 2013 | Dentistry

Teeth can crack or break and need to be reinforced or replaced. When this happens usually a dentist will place Crowns Salem OR in your mouth. There are many materials that they are made of though and at times you may be able to pick the material.

Stainless steel or a metal alloy are the most common type of Crowns Salem OR. Stainless steel crowns are only used as a temporary covering and are used on children whose permanent teeth have not come in yet. This is because it will naturally fall out of the mouth when the permanent tooth comes in. Metal alloys are used on permanent teeth and are the preferred choice because the last the longest, being able to handle the pressure of chewing.

For those that want to have a more natural looking crown, there are porcelain fused to metal Crowns Salem OR. The metal underneath may show through as a line at the gum line. Since the porcelain is fused to metal it may chip off or break leaving with a metal crown. They are a good option for having the strength of metal, but the look of natural teeth.

The least expensive crown type is resin and it is more likely to fracture than a porcelain fused metal crown. These types of crowns wear down over time unlike metal, but are least likely to wear down other teeth. For those who have to pay out of pocket and need a crown they are a good inexpensive choice.

Ceramic or porcelain Crowns Salem OR have the most natural look to them. These are a choice for those who want or need to have a white smile. While not as strong as metal, they do provide n option for people with allergies to metal. When these are used they may need to be replaced every once in a while.

Crown options should be discussed with a dentist and any allergies that the dentist is not aware of should be mentioned. This will help the dentist with only giving you options that will work for the patient. If the crowns will not be able to be replaced in a few years it is probably best to go with metal.

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