Understanding the Different Types of Dentures in Columbus, GA

With all of the different dentures choices out there, finding the best ones for you can be hard. Here is a quick look at the different types of dentures in Columbus, GA.

Traditional Dentures

These are what most people think about when they are told that they require dentures. They are a complete set of fake teeth to replace all of their own. Unlike a dental bridge, these teeth sit on top of the gums. They are most commonly placed into a patient eight to twelve weeks after having extracted all of the original teeth.

Partial Dentures

This style is used when a patient still has some of their teeth left. For example, partial dentures can be used if a patient has at least one lower or upper jaw tooth. These use a pink base attached to a metal part to hold the dentures in place. Partial dentures help prevent original teeth from moving and can be removed as needed.

Custom Dentures

These are pricier than the above two styles of Dentures In Columbus, GA as they are made from more expensive teeth. The biggest benefit to custom ones is they create a more natural-looking smile. This type of denture is customized to you, so they look more natural in your mouth.

Snap-in Dentures

If you are looking for stability, it doesn’t get any better than snap-in dentures. These are held in place using anchors on your actual teeth or using implants. As they snap into place, they are also removable.

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