What a Dentist in Totowa Does

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Dentist

When asked what a dentist does, there is one image that instantly pops into everyone’s head. This is the image of a person in white coat trying to pull off a tooth from the patient sitting in the reclined chair. This is the standard image of a dentist at work. Dentists are the people responsible in pulling a tooth of the patient’s mouth when it is necessary to do so. In addition to this, they also offer services like cleaning and flossing. But what they do is not limited to these tasks.

The oral health care is the main concern of any dentist in Totowa or any other place around the world. But when oral health care is being considered it is not only for the teeth. Other parts are also included like the gums, jaw and the palates. The reason why most people would simply associate dentists to teeth is because the teeth are most usually the part which has concerns and problems that are commonly addressed to by most dentists. This only suggests that being a dentist is more than just cleaning the teeth and pulling them off when needed.

Though the cliché “Prevention is better than cure” have been used thousands and millions of times, this is still one of the best objectives in the medical field especially in the field of Dentistry. This is the reason why cleaning and flossing are the most common services offered by a dentist in Totowa. Along with these two, dentists would also conduct checkup on the teeth if there are possible problems which may occur. These checkups would help in preventing further damages to happen in the teeth and gums which may not only be more painful but also more expensive.

Treatments are what a dentist in Totowa offer when there are necessary procedures which should be made to correct some problems seen during the checkup. For correction issues, some of the tools used are the retainers and braces. These tools are for the proper alignment of the teeth. If the alignment is just a little off, retainers would be used. But if the teeth are so badly aligned, braces are needed to have the teeth be in proper alignment. Another treatment done for better presentation of the teeth is bleaching. Keeping them white is still widely preferred.

Dentists have lots to offer other than flossing, cleaning and taking out a tooth. There are even some dentists who concern themselves with the health of gums and would treat ailments like Gingivitis. In addition to that, there are also dentists who would be responsible in making sure that the jaws of the kids are strong and do not have any abnormalities when they grow up.

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