What Can Expect When Having Root Canals in Roseburg OR?

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Dentistry

When your dentist informs you it is time for you to have a root canal, there is no reason to stress. Most people fear having a root canal simply because they do not understand how simple the process is. Though it is an invasive procedure, it can help to prevent tooth loss, remove infection and stop unrelenting tooth pain. By knowing what to expect during the procedure, you can feel more comfortable and prepared. Through your Root Canals in Roseburg OR procedure, you may be able to save your tooth from loss and prevent further damage.

How Does the Dentist Perform a Root Canal?

Before your dentist performs a root canal on your tooth, you will need to be numbed. Using an anesthetic, the dentist will make sure your tooth and surrounding gum tissue are numb so you do not feel any pain during your procedure. Once numb, the dentist will make an opening in your tooth, to allow him or her access to the soft inner tissue. This will allow the dentist to remove the inner pulp and the nerve, so they are no longer infected, decayed or causing you pain. Once the bulk of the inner parts of the tooth have been removed, the dentist will use canal files to scrape and clean the roots. This helps to ensure the tooth is completely cleaned out, so it does not continue to experience problems.

If your tooth was infected, the dentist will pack the tooth with medication and place a temporary filling until the infection has been cleared. With the root having been removed, you will no longer experience pain in the tooth. Once the tooth has been permanently sealed, it is less likely to experience any decay or infection.

If you are in need of Root Canals Roseburg OR or simply need routine dental care, contact the Wilson Family Dental and schedule an appointment for a consulatation today. They have all of the dental services needed, to keep your smile healthy and looking its absolute best. Through these services, you can help to avoid cavities and gum disease that lead to tooth loss.

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