What Can People Expect From a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA?

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Dental Care

There are different reasons a person may need a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA. When decay or infection occur in a tooth, the tooth needs to be treated or it could be lost. Often, decayed teeth need to be extracted so the damage does not continue or the tooth does not die. Through a root canal procedure, a tooth can be saved and a person can keep their smile intact. Through this information, people can be prepared for what to expect for the procedure.

A root canal procedure begins with the patient being carefully injected with a local anesthetic to ensure no pain or discomfort will be felt. When the patient is numb, the dentist will begin working on the tooth. The tooth must first be opened so the dentist can take care of the inside of the tooth.

The dentist will work to remove the pulp and decayed tissue inside the tooth. In most cases, the dentist also removes the nerve. All of the root canals are completely cleaned out to ensure they are free of damaged tissue. The precise cleaning involves the use of tools called canal files.

If a root canal is not performed, the tooth will continue to be damaged and will eventually die. A tooth that has gone through necrosis must be pulled or it could impact the health of other teeth and the gum tissue. The sooner this procedure has been carried out, the more likely the tooth will be able to stay alive and continue with normal function.

When a root canal has been completed, the tooth is filled and then sealed. Filling the tooth allows it to be made stronger so it is less likely to become damaged during normal chewing and biting. This is especially important for the back teeth that are crucial for proper chewing.

Those who are in need of a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA should contact Lewis Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation appointment. Through a root canal, a person can save their tooth and keep a healthy and beautiful smile. Call them today for your appointment to get started. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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