What Does An Endodontist In Oak Brook, IL, Do?

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Dentist

Most people are familiar with the most common dental specializations. These include orthodontist and periodontists as well as dentists specializing in cosmetic dental procedures. Most dental practice, including the highly rated Metcalf Dental in Oak Brook, IL, have these specialized dental professionals on staff.

Another specialized type of dentist is an endodontist. While not as well-known as the other dental specializations, if you are a person at risk of tooth loss this is an essential professional to have on your dental treatment team.

Saving Your Smile

An endodontist is a dentist with additional, advanced training of at least two years in helping patients to retain their teeth. They are the dentists to see if you need a root canal, have tooth pain that is not effectively treated by your dentists or if you have a family history of genetic conditions that result in early tooth loss. People with diseases that cause damage to the interior of the tooth also work closely with these professionals.

People can choose to see these professionals and specialists first, or they may be referred to an endodontist after seeing their family dentist. In many cases, the dentist makes the referral early, particularly if there is a risk of tooth loss with a delay in treatment. Of course, when patients are in pain and before completing a tooth extraction, a visit to a specialist may provide options to treat the cause of the pain and retain the tooth or teeth.

Procedures Performed

As a specialist, endodontists do not typically perform general dental procedures. They focus on root canals, dental surgeries, repairing the teeth and gums after injury, and to work with Oak Brook, IL, patients with potentially difficult or challenging dental implant procedures.

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