What is a periodontist?

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Dentist

If a person suffers from a gum disease or from gum degeneration, that individual will be referred to a periodontist in Chicago. A periodontist is a dentist but having trained for an additional two or three years, the dentist becomes a specialist in the identification of, and treatment of, gum disorders. Gum disease is quite common in older people and their dentist will make arrangements for them to be treated by the specialist.

Periodontal disease is when there is a formation of plaque that first infects the gums and then causes the deterioration of the gums which in turn can result in loose teeth, red and bleeding gums and spaces opening up between the teeth. Periodontal disease can be seen easily by the family dentist when you’re having a normal checkup. If these conditions are noticed by yourself and it happens between normal checkups it is suggested that you see your dentist quickly, so the disease does not get out of hand.

If a periodontal dentist in Chicago sees to the condition early enough there are a host of non-surgical ways to treat it. Dental scaling and root planning are frequently done; these are procedures where the periodontist removes the plaque from the tooth roots and at times planning the roots to smoothen them which helps to resist the reoccurrence of the plaque.

If periodontal disease has advanced the problem will have to be attacked through surgery, the surgical intervention is done to help restore the teeth. The surgeries that can be performed are bone grafts which are designed to replace the bone lost to infection. The procedures also include crown lengthening and tooth and gum contouring. These interventions are done to make it easier to fit a crown or to reshape teeth which have been partially destroyed by the disease.

A periodontist is highly skilled at performing dental implant procedures. A tooth implant is a procedure whereby a titanium screw is fitted into the jawbone, the screw becomes integral with the bone and is capable of supporting a crown. Dental implants are rapidly become the gold standard for teeth replacement even though it is a more expensive approach than dentures or bridge work. The implant is soon forgotten about whereas dentures require constant maintenance. Windy City Family Dental provides preventative and periodontal dental care services for beautiful and long-lasting healthy smile.

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