What Is a Root Canal?

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Dentist

A root canal is a dental treatment offered by a dentist when an individual has a decaying or damaged tooth. This procedure is commonly used to repair a decayed or damaged tooth and can only be performed if a tooth is not infected. A dentist will use a numbing agent so you do not feel any pain. After the area is numbed, a dental professional will proceed to remove the pulp and nerve from the affected area. The nerve is what causes the pain. Once it is removed the pain will subside. Many people opt for this dental treatment instead of having the tooth pulled. If you are looking for a dental facility that offers the service of root canals in Whitby ON, you need turn to the dental professionals at Business Name.

Signs of an Abscess Tooth

Most people know when a tooth is abscessed and a dental professional will have to treat the infection before a root canal can be performed. Some of the signs of an abscess include drainage occurring from the site of the abscess, swelling around the affected area that may cause the face and neck to swell and deterioration of the root. Fortunately, after the infection is treated a dental professional can proceed with a root canal which will stop the spread of the infection from the rotted tooth and damaged nerve.

Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure

There are several benefits of a root canal procedure. After a root canal procedure, you are able to eat food as you normally would. In fact, with a root canal treatment you will not be able to tell the difference other than you will not experience any pain when eating. In addition, you also will notice that the tooth is no longer sensitive to cold and hot beverages. Having a root canal does not alter your eating and drinking habits at all. This dental treatment helps save a tooth from being removed.

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