What Patients Should Know About Whitening System Service In Grand Prairie, TX

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Dental

In Texas, patients can acquire cosmetic services to eliminate common conditions such as severe staining. The teeth whitening services can break down stains from a variety of substances including tobacco and red wine. A cosmetic dentist performs Whitening System Service in Grand Prairie TX to eliminate stains.

How Often are Whitening Treatments Performed?

The dentist will determine the best schedule for the whitening treatments, and they will assess the patient’s teeth to determine the safest options for the patient. Patients who have severe stains can undergo more than one treatment in a short of time; however, the dentist must determine if the patient has any adverse reactions to the peroxide solution.

How are the Procedures Performed?

The dentist places a barrier around the patient’s gums to protect them and prevent damage. Next, the dentist applies an even coat of the peroxide solution onto each tooth, and they will use an ultraviolet lamp to maximize the whitening effects. The dentist cleans all the solution off the teeth and assesses them for damage after the procedure is performed.

Can Patients Get At-Home Kits?

Yes, the dentist can provide the patient with at-home whitening treatments to eliminate stains in between visits. They can acquire products such as whitening toothpaste or pre-filled trays that are easy to use, and the patient can whiten their own teeth quickly. The kits are beneficial for maintaining the effects of the whitening treatments.

Are the Services Covered Under Insurance?

No, most major dental services don’t present coverage for cosmetic services such as teeth whitening treatments. However, the treatments are affordable for most dental patients and don’t present a high cost. The patient can limit their treatments based on their own budget, and they can use the at-home kits as well.

In Texas, patients receive cosmetic services to improve the way their smile looks and to restore their confidence. A local dentist performs these services to assist patients in achieving a perfect smile through cosmetic services and opportunities today. Patients who want to acquire Whitening System Service in Grand Prairie TX can contact website and schedule their appointments right now.

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