What Situations Call for Root Canals in Alexandria VA?

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Dentist

Many people have heard of Root Canals in Alexandria VA and understand they are a common dental procedure. What they may not know is what sort of situations call for employing this type of procedure. Here are a few examples of when the dentist is likely to recommend a root canal to a patient.

The Tooth is Abscessed

There is no doubt that Root Canals in Alexandria VA are necessary when one or more teeth are abscessed. This type of condition occurs when the pulp in a tooth dies, and puss begins to form around the dead pulp and the root. The result can be a great deal of pain for the patient. The only way to deal with the situation is to remove the tooth carefully and make sure all fragments are extracted from the gum. That pocket of puss will also be removed as part of the process.

Extreme Reaction to Heat and Cold

When a tooth has died, do not assume it cannot cause some sort of pain. The most common issue is discomfort related to the consumption of food that is either hotter or colder. For some people, even attempting to drink something that is at room temperature will trigger some pain. Until every part of the tooth, including the dead root is removed, the pain will continue.

A Curling Root

There are times when a simple extraction would work, except for one reason. After having X-rays done, the dentist notices that the root of the tooth curls slightly at the end. This means dislodging it from the jaw could be quite a task and increase the risk of causing damage to the bone. When this is the case, choosing to go with a root canal is the safest way to proceed. The dentist can work down to the root and be able to break the curl in order to remove most of the tooth. Once that is done, the final fragment can also be taken out, and the process of healing will begin.

Discover more info here about root canals and why they are sometimes the only way to take care of a dental issue. Understanding how the procedure works and why the dentist would recommend it will allow the patient to make the right decision and have the work done.

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