What To Expect From The Dental Industry

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Dental Care

As humans, one of the first features focused on is a smile, and in today’s society, an attractive smile goes a long way. Maintaining that pearly beauty is of utmost importance, which is why the dental industry has expanded greatly over the years. That brings up the question, what does one expect from dental treatment in Indianapolis IN?

From General Dentistry

Severely broken or missing teeth can hinder anyone’s confidence and add conflict to their daily lives. For those who struggle with missing teeth or are unable to wear dentures, dental implants can be placed in those areas for a more natural and permanent solution. Prosthetic replacements can “bridge” the gaps caused by missing teeth to enhance the appearance and aid a misaligned bite to help speaking and eating become easier tasks.

For a less seriously damaged tooth, to avoid removal, a tooth-colored porcelain cap, called a dental crown, can be placed over the original tooth to restore the size, shape, and strength. For a less-invasive procedure, springs the solution of veneers. They are stain resistant shells that can be cemented to the front of the tooth to enhance the natural smile and cover up chips, stains, or other irregularities.

To Cosmetic Procedures

Teeth can get stained by a variety of daily activities like smoking, consuming darker foods and drinks, and a build-up from overexposure to fluoride in rinses and drinking water. These blemishes can become obvious and embarrassing to some, which is why two-week whiting processes are offered to combat this problem. The procedure involves applicable hydrogen peroxide gel and a special activating LED light.

Other than destaining services, dentistries offer Invisalign. Most adults see traditional metal braces as unprofessional and prefer the comfort of an invisible straightener. The translucent trays are custom made for two-week increments to alter the alignment of the teeth. The braces alternative are also able to be removed when eating or brushing, much like a retainer, but will continue to straighten the teeth as worn through the rest of the process.

In conclusion, dental treatment in Indianapolis IN has your oral function and appearance in mind with every procedure offered.

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