What to Expect From Your Orthodontist in Homer Glen, IL

Many people dream of having straighter teeth and if you want to visit an orthodontist so that you can enjoy the smile that you have always wanted, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you know what to expect from your appointment. After you have your braces put on your teeth, you will still see your doctors on a regular basis as they will need to be able to make necessary adjustments to ensure that your teeth look their best.

The Consultation

Your first appointment with an orthodontist will consist of a consultation where you can fill out new forms and talk to the specialists about how you want your teeth to look. They will probably take x-rays to be able to see how your teeth are now. Before you leave, you will have in mind a timeline of how long they expect the treatment to take and what kind of additional care you will need.

Adjustments Are Important

While you may consider skipping your adjustment appointments with your orthodontist in Homer Glen, IL, these visits are imperative if you want your teeth to be as straight as possible. During your adjustment appointments, your doctor will adjust the brackets on your teeth and ensure that there is enough force in your mouth to keep moving your teeth in the right direction. While missing your appointments won’t cause damage, it will require you to have braces for longer.

It’s important that you choose an orthodontist you feel comfortable with and make sure that you always go to all of your appointments. This will ensure that you not only end up with the teeth that you have always wanted but also that you are comfortable during your appointments. The right orthodontic office will make you feel comfortable during your treatment and ensure that you understand the process.

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