When to Contact an Emergency Dentist in Howell

Everyone experiences a dental emergency at one point or the other. The most important thing is to know whom to contact when the problem starts. This is because, at times, the amount of time that you take before contacting a dentist could be the difference between saving a tooth and losing it altogether. Here are some of the situations where you should contact an Emergency Dentist in Howell.


There are several things that can lead to extreme toothache. The first is if a cavity has gotten infected and an abscess is forming in the pulp cavity. The second is if a tooth was hit, fractured or chipped and wasn’t treated, leading to decay. The first thing to do when you are experiencing toothache is getting painkillers to relieve the pain. After that, you should contact a dentist. An emergency dentist will give solutions such as the extraction of a tooth if it is damaged beyond restoration, filings and a root canal procedure.

Getting a chipped tooth

Teeth that have cavities or have been weakened for some other reason are very susceptible to chipping. When this happens, you are supposed to rinse off the mouth immediately, especially if there is bleeding. Applying a cold compress to the affected area will help relief the pain for some time. After stabilizing, you can visit an emergency dentist in Howell to get a procedure like bonding done to preserve the tooth.

Knocked off teeth

Teeth can be knocked out of their sockets during play, fight or accidents. When this happens, you are supposed to try as much as you can to salvage the tooth. There are times when it will be possible to save the tooth by simply putting it back in its socket. If this is not possible, preserve the tooth in salty water or milk and contact a dentist immediately. They will be able to decide whether the tooth can be saved or not. In case the tooth cannot be saved, a dental implant will replace the lost tooth.

These are a few situations that are dealt with by an Emergency Dentist in Howell. For more information about the services that the best Teeth Whitening Dentist in Howell offers, go to

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