When You Should See An Orthodontist

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Dentistry

There is a natural tendency for people with crooked teeth to hide them, even when they feel like bursting out laughing. If this is your situation, it is time to visit an orthodontist in Hinsdale. An orthodontist is a dentist that has gone on to get additional advanced training in manipulating teeth, making them move in the desired direction. Once the treatment has been completed, the individual that had crooked teeth will now have perfectly aligned teeth and a wonderful smile.

What does the orthodontist do?

An orthodontist can do a number of things, but for most patients, he or she treats their malocclusion which simply means “bad bite.”

Orthodontists correct the way you upper and lower teeth fit as well as straightening them. They do this with the use of traditional metal braces and modern invisible aligners.
Although your general dentist may be able to correct a minor problem chances are they will refer you to an orthodontist in Hinsdale.

Why see an orthodontist?

Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth are bad enough as it is but the problems can lead to other dental problems such as decay and gum disease. Teeth which are not properly aligned can be hard to clean; if the condition is left untreated, the end result can be unnecessary tooth loss.

When is it best to see the orthodontist?

Even if a child’s teeth appear to be coming in well, it is suggested that they see an orthodontist when they are about seven. At this age, the jaw has not yet fully developed and if there are problems, the sooner they are identified, the better.

Once a child reaches their early teens, they can get orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is not just for young people, adults can also benefit. The typical adult patient will usually be somewhere between his or her mid-20s to their mid-40s.

aAs no two patients are alike, the orthodontist in Hinsdale will lay out a customized action plan; it may take as long as three years to complete depending on the initial conditions.

If you are unhappy with your teeth, you should see an orthodontist in Hinsdale. You are invited to make an appointment with Oakbrook Orthodontics, specialists in the newest techniques and technologies to create a beautiful smile.

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