Why Should You Consider Crowns in Peachtree City?

Crowns are dental appliances that can be used to remedy a number of dental needs. Basically, the crown acts as a cover or cap for a tooth that has been worked on in some manner. The crown provides structure, shape, and appealing looks to a tooth. Crowns in Peachtree City are used when a filling cannot restore a tooth. The tooth could crumble do to the extent of the damage it has experienced. A crown is useful to keep a cracked tooth from falling apart. A crown can also provide the area needed to support dental bridges.

A tooth must be prepared for the crown to fit on the top. The crown is made to fit exactly on a specific tooth. As such, an impression must be made of the patient’s tooth and the gums. A lab will make the crown. In the meantime, a temporary cap may be applied until the real appliance is ready to be placed. The real crown will be cemented into place. Crowns are especially good for larger teeth, such as molars. Veneers may be a better option for front teeth. However, crowns can be placed on real teeth on dental implants.

A crown looks just like a real tooth, unlike many of the metallic colored fillings of the past. When the appliance is made, the lab consider the color and natural shape of your teeth and mouth so that it will fit into place, much like a puzzle piece. The patient can discuss any concerns with the dentist about how he or she would like the crowns to appear.

Crowns may last for eight years or more, with proper care. Just because a patient has a crown, it doesn’t give free license to do negligent things like chewing on very hard food or ice. The tooth is till at risk for fracture. Crowns must be cared for just like any natural tooth. This means proper brushing, flossing, and dental cleaning visits. A person can still experience gum disease if too much plaque builds-up on or around a treated tooth over time. When one invests a bit of money in crowns, a little diligence in care goes a long way in achieving maximum value and benefit.



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