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For those who are unhappy with the appearance of their crowded, crooked or drifting teeth, an orthodontist can straighten teeth into a beautiful smile. An orthodontist is trained in how to make teeth move, align and form a healthy bite. These dental practitioners are skilled in using braces to fix a misaligned jaw and provide a foundation of healthy teeth for life. Learn more about braces and how they improve dental health.

Misalignment of the Bite

Although braces will provide a perfect and pleasing smile, your Orthodontist Vancouver WA is concerned with much more that aesthetics. Crooked or crowded teeth are at high risk for decay and gum disease. Misalign of the jaw, known as a malocclusion, can cause many dental problems over the course of a lifetime. A bite that is not aligned may make chewing painful and cause injury to teeth. Your orthodontist uses braces to move teeth into alignment that naturally allow the jaw to line up correctly and create a healthy bite.

Treating a Young Person with Braces

Often, your dentist will refer your child to an orthodontist if he sees a problem with the misalignment of permanent teeth, crowded teeth or a problem with the alignment of the jaw. The orthodontist may elect to extract a few teeth to make room for the anticipation of erupting teeth. Fixed dental appliances such as braces are typically applied with dental cement and remain bonded throughout treatment.

During the time required to straighten a child or teenager’s teeth, the Orthodontist Vancouver WA must adjust and tighten the bands to slowly straighten teeth and align the jaw. Braces may include the use of a splint that sits between the upper and lower jaw that pushes against the bone and provides alignment of the structures.

Typically, braces are worn for 24 to 48 months to be effective. After braces are removed, most people wear retainers to prevent the teeth from moving forward over time. In addition to braces, the orthodontist may use spacer maintainers to align teeth or prevent the teeth from drifting together.

Dental Health for Life

Treating your child for crowded, crooked or drifting teeth is an important component for dental health for life. A malocclusion or misaligned jaw can cause dental problems for years and promote early tooth loss. Ensure your child’s dental health and have them examined by your dentist for possible problems that require an orthodontist.

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