Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Dental Care

The trend in cosmetic dentistry has grown largely in popularity over the last few years. More so than ever people are visiting the dentist to have work done to improve the looks of their own teeth before they get to a stage where they are irreparable. People now want white teeth, veneers and other touch-up work to make their smile even sunnier and it is important that they find a dentist who will not only offer reasonable prices but also do a perfect job.

Cosmetic dentistry consists mainly of teeth whitening, veneers, cleaning, a smile makeover and other work to simply make the teeth look better. General dentistry tends to concentrate more on repairing damaged teeth, fillings, root canal work and other necessary treatment. The difference with cosmetic dentistry is that without it your teeth will not fall out or sustain damage. Some cosmetic dentistry can be restorative because you get the option of choosing what kinds of materials are used in the repairing of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry Glendale AZ has advanced over the years technology has improved greatly. Laser dental surgery is more commonplace now than in years gone by and most dentists can do simple dental work in a pain-free or minimum pain environment. A cosmetic dentist in Glendale AZ, for instance, would use similar techniques to a dentist anywhere else. Feldhake & Associates have a full range of options for you to choose from.

Referrals and Work
Depending on your personal circumstances you may find that you no longer need a referral to a specialist for certain procedures. This means that some dentists can undertake some work in their own surgery rather than have a patient go to a hospital or other dental institute. This can reduce the amount of discomfort a patient experiences as well as reducing the time it takes to recover.

Inlays and Outlays are technically known as fillings. Some fillings are needed when a tooth has decayed to the point where it hollows out and causes structural decay. Outlays are generally a term for a filling that is more like covering a crack in a wall with a thin layer of filler, rather than the whole inside of a tooth.

Tooth whitening is a simple procedure that removes coffee, tea, tobacco or other stains from the teeth that cause them to yellow over time. The teeth are bleached using a safe method of coloring to enhance the smile and make the teeth look whiter.

Composite bonding is a method of fixing broken or chipped teeth. A bond of dentin and enamel is applied to a chipped or broken tooth and then the composite is molded to the original shape of the tooth. Once the composite sets the tooth looks almost exactly as it would have done prior to the chip or crack. You can also have veneers fitted and these are like caps that fit over the front of your teeth to protect damaged enamel and give the appearance of a ‘real tooth’.

For an excellent cosmetic Dentist in Glendale AZ contact Feldhake & Associates to find out about the vast range of dental procedures and prices.

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