Get your Child to the Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX residents will need to ensure their child makes visits to a pediatric dentist once every six months. The first visit should occur at the age of six months, regardless of whether teeth have begun to appear in the mouth or not. Although babies are born with their primary teeth formed and underneath the gums, they usually do not make their actual appearance until baby is around six to seven months old. By the age of 3, most children will have their 20 primary teeth. Beginning care early for your baby’s mouth will help prevent problems later while teaching your little one proper oral hygiene and care.

The First Dental Visit

Even before this first dental visit is made, you can begin caring for your baby’s dental needs. After feeding use a damp washcloth to remove plaque from the gums, tongue and roof of the mouth. When you see teeth beginning to erupt, you should also begin using a toothbrush with non-fluoride toothpaste. Keep in mind, your child should never fall asleep with a sippy cup or bottle full of juice or milk in their mouth. Pediatric dentists in Arlington, TX will suggest filling the bottle with water instead.

When your child reaches the age of six, permanent teeth begin forming. The roots of the tooth anchor themselves into the bone, pushing baby teeth out of the way. Every tooth inside of your child’s mouth should be lost and replaced with an adult tooth. Additional growth in the back of the jaws also makes way for 12 additional permanent molars. It is important to care for baby teeth just as it is important to care for these teeth when they begin to form.

Caring for your Baby’s Teeth

The baby teeth are the foundation of the new, permanent teeth coming later on in life. With proper care and regular visits to a pediatric dentist in Arlington, TX, you can be certain of the proper positioning of the permanent teeth inside of the child’s mouth. When you care for your baby’s teeth from the very beginning, you can be certain that there will be fewer problems with your child’s oral health, along with a beautiful smile and pearly white teeth.

It is essential that your child have an Arlington, TX pediatric dentist that your child visits every six months. It is a simple visit that offers a look inside of your baby or child’s mouth, discovering any problems that may be present.

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