A cosmetic dentist can give you a “dental facelift”

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people visit a Cosmetic dentist Massapequa for a dental facelift, a process that can reverse the aging process of natural teeth. Other people visit the cosmetic dentist to transform their teeth which they see as unattractive and having an effect on their ability to smile and laugh. Whatever the reason for getting cosmetic dentistry work done, you can be assured of great results from the variety of procedures available.

This short guide can help you understand what some of these procedures are:

Porcelain veneers: This is a laminate which is a custom-made wafer that is glued to the fronts of teeth. The veneers enhance the look as well as repair any previous damage to the tooth. Veneers are very popular, and the procedure is frequently what gives television and movie personalities such radiant smiles.

They can be used to cover teeth which are deeply stained or discolored; they can be used to close the gaps between normal teeth and be used to repair small chips and minor imperfections. When completed, the person will have a much more attractive and youthful smile.

To do the work, the cosmetic dentist removes a very thin layer of the tooth enamel; molds are then taken, which are used to produce the veneers. During the time of production, temporary veneers are fitted. The veneers are produced in a dental lab and usually take about two weeks to produce.

Tooth whitening: When the cosmetic dentist in Massapequa whitens teeth, he does so by applying peroxide-based materials to the teeth surfaces. This process can be done either in the dental office or at home. All dental work must be completed before the process begins, and the gums must be healthy. When the procedure is done in the office, the dentist uses a hydrogen-peroxide gel which he then hardens with a high-intensity light. This plasma arc light activates the peroxide which oxidizes the stains that are on the surface of the teeth. In less than an hour, the teeth can lighten by four to six shades.

When the whitening is done at home, a milder solution of peroxide is used. The dentist makes a soft latex mold of the teeth; the patient fills the mold with the whitening gel and wears the mold while sleeping. This procedure is repeated for about two weeks to get the desired results.

White fillings, bonding, crowns, caps and bridges will not whiten. During the process there may be some sensitivity, but the cosmetic dentist in Massapequa can remedy this sensation by alternating the peroxide gel with concentrated fluoride. The procedure is 100% safe and poses no threat to general or oral health.

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