A Holistic Method for General Dentistry in Washington, DC

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Dental Care

Dental medicine is taking a new turn with eco-dentistry. Dental associates who adopt this responsible form of practice are looking out for the environment and their patients while using cutting-edge technology in an environmentally-conscious way. Good service and care is upheld without using wasteful products or treatment that can be harmful to the health of patients. Business is continuously done under the motto to conduct services using the highest standards of safety and quality.

General dentistry in Washington, DC provides patients with holistic medicine, meaning that dentists care for the patient’s health as a whole. This practice is also known as bio-compatible dental medicine, where dentists and their assistants concentrate on other facets of health besides oral. Since poor oral health leads to other health conditions, holistic dental care monitors other important systems of the body. Holistic dental medicine eliminates products with mercury, and radiation exposure is reduced to roughly ninety percent with x-rays.

General dentistry in Washington, DC is all about preventing poor oral health and maladies. Patients must do their part by seeing a dentist on a routine basis according to a recommended schedule–most dentists ask patients to come in on an annual or biannual basis, depending on the type of care required. Those who would like to receive unsurpassed oral care can come in for a consultation; just click here to find more information.

No one has to live with voids of missing teeth when crowns and dental implants is a procedure available to patients. With dental implants, porcelain materials made to look identical to natural teeth are permanently attached to the tooth roots: a post is attached to the tooth root which secures the implant to the gums. These are said to be one of the most noteworthy innovations in dentistry, because before this breakthrough, people either had to live with missing teeth or get dentures that often came with a lot of disadvantages.

Even when patients get dentures today, they’re designed to be much stronger and securely positioned in the mouth; however, implant supported dentures is another option to consider. The big difference between them is extra support on the gums: standard dentures rest on the gums with no added support, while implant supported dentures have secure attachments between the gums and dental appliances.

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