Acquiring Dental Implants Through A Dental Clinic In Rosemount, MN

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Dentist

In Minnesota, local dental patients seek vital services to restore their smile. They can acquire simple procedures to correct damage or more complex options to replace their smile altogether. The following are details about dental implants available through Dental Clinic in Rosemount MN.

The Full Assessment

The first step is for the dentist to complete a full assessment of the patient’s teeth. The dentist determines whether or not the patient is a great candidate for dental implants. If the patient has undergone several extractions, it is possible to replace these teeth with dental implants. However, the patient’s jawbone must be strong enough first.

Installing Bone Grafts

The dentist will perform bone graft surgery to strengthen the jawbone. They will conduct several grafts as needed to build up the jaw and install the dental implants. The patient must wait until the jawbone has healed completely before they can undergo the implantation process.

The Installation Process for the Implants

The dentist begins with the installation of a titanium root into the tooth socket that is secured into the jawbone. Next, the dentist will perform the installation of the dental crown. The dentist will review the installation after the process is complete. They may provide the patient with antibiotics and painkillers to manage the possibility of an infection or pain.

Are Patients Required to get a Certain Amount of Implants at a Time?

No, they can acquire as many implants as they need. The dentist can install one implant or several at a time. If the patient undergoes a smile makeover, they could acquire dental implants all at once. These procedures don’t require them to wait until the gums have healed after the procedure. They will receive all implants at once without delays.

In Minnesota, dental implant surgery is a complex procedure to restore the smile. The procedure could present up to three dental appointments with minor delays. These options are available according to the strength of the jawbone. The dentist will perform grafts as needed to complete the procedure.

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