Actions to Take Before Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Dental Services

A dental emergency can occur at any time. Trauma to any part of the mouth should be treated in a serious manner. Putting off dental care can result in tooth loss or an infection that spreads to other parts of the body. Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville as soon as possible can alleviate or stop the pain along with halting further damage to the tooth. Until a person can see a dentist, it’s important to perform certain steps. Use the following guidelines to do this.

If you have damage to the soft tissue of the mouth, bleeding can occur. To control the bleeding, rinse your mouth with saltwater. Afterwards, insert a piece of gauze or teabag into your mouth. Gently bite down on it at the affected site. Applying pressure can stop the bleeding. Next, use a cool compress on the outside of the mouth in the impacted area for 10 to 15 minutes. See a dentist if the bleeding continues or worsens.

Many people have one or more of their teeth knocked out as a result of accidents. When this happens to you, find the tooth and hold it by the crown. The crown is the part above the gum-line. Under warm water, gently rinse it to get rid of dirt and debris. Try not to touch tooth material hanging from the crown. Attempt to place the tooth back in its socket. If there is a sharp edge to the tooth that might puncture the soft tissues of the mouth, avoid doing this. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or warm saltwater. This keeps the tooth moist until an emergency dentist can be seen.

If you have a tooth that is chipped or broken, rinse your mouth with warm water. Also, rinse off the detached part of the tooth without loosening any handing dental tissue. Gently bite down on a gauze until the bleeding stops. Keep the broken or chipped tooth material in a glass of water until you can see a dentist for treatment.

An emergency dentist can help with dental emergencies such as knocked-out teeth and soft tissue damage. The quicker you get to an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville, the greater your chances are of reversing any damage. A Teeth Whitening Dentist who practices emergency dentistry will often advertise this service. Click here for more

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