Understanding The Types Of Dental Oral Surgery In Grove City, PA

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Dentistry

Pennsylvania residents who are facing difficulties due to jaw, teeth, or facial damage can seek a resolution through oral surgery. The collection of procedures included in this industry are designed to repair abnormalities, injuries, and conditions that could lead to adverse illnesses. If you wish to consult a dentist about Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA today, you should contact your preferred dental practice and schedule an appointment.

Types of Oral Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery encompasses an immeasurable amount of procedures. These options correct issues such as cleft palettes, deviated septums, and misalignment of the jaw. If the patient is a child who was born with a facial disfigurement, the surgeon can correct this condition through maxillofacial surgery. Common conditions associated with these disfigurements are difficult speech, sleep apnea, and potential tooth loss due to ineffective brushing or flossing associated with misalignment or other issues.

Dental Implants

Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA is used to install dental implants. These devices are created to look like the patient’s natural teeth and provide them with a healthy smile. The procedure takes up to three or more dental visits to complete. The patient is sedated during the procedure to prevent pain, anxiety, and potential errors. The process requires that the surgeon install the titanium roots into place first and allow healing time between visits. This could take up to six weeks. The dentist provides a temporary bridge to protect the roots until the implant tooth is installed.


Extractions, especially for wisdom teeth, is performed through Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA effectively. In most cases, the gums are injected with Novacaine. However, in severe cases the surgeon may sedate the patient completely. Wisdom teeth that have become impacted often require this surgery for removal. If the tooth has become infected, however; the dentist will treat it before performing the extraction to prevent it from spreading to over areas of the body.

Patients who have suffered through pain due to severely damaged teeth or abnormalities of the jaw, neck, or face can seek assistance through Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA today. A surgeon can repair this conditions with more advance techniques and prevent significant scarring. If you wish to consult a dentist about these procedures, you should schedule an appointment promptly.

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