Advantages of Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Wilmette for Teeth Whitening Issues

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Dentistry

Many people today are concerned with how white their teeth look. Since a lot of people regularly drink colas, coffee and tea, they can become quite concerned these beverages may have caused their teeth to become dull and look unsightly. In addition, cigarette smokers often will notice their teeth begin to appear dingy and this may lead them to look for ways to improve their teeth’s appearance. One of the best ways to handle this type of situation is by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Wilmette to explore the various types of treatments they can offer to improve the look of a patient’s teeth.

Most times when a person visits a dentist, he or she will find the main type of treatment used to brighten or improve the color of the teeth is whitening treatments. These types of treatments can be the best way to breakdown the stains causing the teeth to look dull or unsightly. While many people may know of whitening treatments sold as kits in retail stores, a professional treatment is a bit different.

One of the first things a cosmetic dentist in Wilmette will do before they begin whitening treatments is to clean the patient’s teeth. This is generally a professional cleaning such as the patient would receive during an annual visit to their dentist. During this process, ultrasonic equipment is generally used to remove plaque or tartar buildup from the teeth. This makes it easier for the whitening products to work on the stains within the teeth.

The dentist will generally fit a special type of dental tray to the patient’s mouth. This tray will be filled with whitening product in a gel or foam form. The tray is then applied to the patient’s teeth. A heat lamp or laser light will often be used to activate the whitening product so it works at a much faster rate.

Once activation occurs, the product will turn into oxygen molecules, which can move into the pores of the teeth and begin working to breakdown the stains and areas of discoloration. When the stains are removed, more light can flood into the tooth and this makes it look whiter and brighter. Most patients will notice a definite improvement in just one visit. However, often they may need to return for more treatments to get their teeth to the whitest and brightest shade possible.

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