Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening in Cedar Grove

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Dental Services

We all seem to smile more when we have bright and white teeth, but some of us have yellowing teeth and are shy about flashing a big smile to everyone. There are a variety of teeth whitening products out on the market these days that can be used to help improve the smile. There are some people who are happy with the sparkle they get in their smile just from brushing twice a day and flossing, and of course, getting regular cleanings at the dentist’s office. If you want to go beyond that and get a brighter smile than what you have, you need to investigate your options. You need to check out Teeth Whitening in Cedar Grove.

You could buy one of those whitening kits you can get at your neighborhood grocery store, but if you want the very best whitening technique known for your teeth, you need to ask a Teeth Whitening Dentist to give you a professional bleaching, so you get the best choice in teeth whitening. The procedure of whitening your teeth the professional way may require only one visit, but if you have yellowing that is deeply set in your teeth, you may need more than one visit.

During the Teeth Whitening in Cedar Grove, your dentist will place a protective gel on your gums or a rubber shield to protect the soft tissue of your gums. Then, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth, and a special light will be used to start the action of the agent in the bleach. Visit their website

When you use bleaching trays bought from the store, some minor side effects can happen that you need to be aware of. The trays that come with the bleaching solution may not fit your teeth correctly, and some of the bleaching solution may touch your gums. This will cause a sensitivity that will be uncomfortable. When you Get Your Teeth Whitening at the dentist’s office, the dentist will custom make the tray to fit your mouth, so the bleaching agent won’t touch your gums. With a perfect fitting tray and bleaching agent that is stronger than the solution you get from the store, your teeth will become white a lot sooner than they would from the store kit.

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