An Emergency Dentist in Audubon can Replace Missing Teeth

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Dental

When people are in car accidents, their faces often take the brunt of the crash. Even with a seatbelt securely around them, they can hit their face on the steering wheel or be hit in the face by the airbag. An Emergency Dentist is Audubon may be called in to stabilize the person’s teeth. Often the front teeth are so badly damaged that they have to be removed. When the patient has become fully conscious and is well enough to understand their injuries, they may be traumatized to realize that they’ve lost several front teeth.

The Emergency Dentist in Audubon can quickly reassure the patient that Dental Implants can be used to successfully replace the teeth. Once the replacement is complete the dental implant and porcelain crown combination will look as natural as the original teeth. The patient will have to wait for the original trauma to subside before the dentist can insert the titanium implants into their jaw. Patients at the Cross Keys Family Dental Office will be pleased that this procedure can be carried out in their familiar settings. It will take another six to eight weeks for the jaw to fully heal and incorporate the implants. The dentist will then take an impression of the area. This will be used to create the porcelain crown that will be cemented on to the implant. The crown and implant combination can be cared for just like natural teeth.

If the accident produced severe trauma to the mouth, The Emergency Dentist in Audubon may have to extract all of the patient’s teeth. In this case the dentist will explain that a full set of dentures will look just like a natural set of teeth. In fact they may be more attractive than the person’s original teeth. Titanium implants are also used to stabilize dentures. A series of implants will be inserted throughout the patients upper and lower jaw. Metal balls will be attached to the top of them. They will securely snap into grooves on the bottom of the dentures. This will hold them securely in place throughout the day. They patient will be able to eat and speak normally.

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