Emergency Dental Services and Your Dentist in Charlotte

by | Mar 29, 2014 | Dental Services

One of the things most people look for in a dentist these days is one that provides a wide range of services. Emergency Dental Service Charlotte are important in case something happens with your teeth that cannot wait. A Dentist in Lakewood with special training in emergency dentistry can help you with any dental emergency. The following will cover dental emergencies and how quickly to seek medical attention.

Swollen gums – If you have swelling in your gums, call your dentist. This is not usually a life-threatening problem, but you may have an infection that needs to be addressed within a few hours. Depending on why your gums are swollen, your dentist may give you a prescription for an antibiotic and set up an appointment for a follow-up appointment to address the problem.

Toothache – One of the most painful things a human being can experience is a toothache. You do not have to suffer with a toothache when you can get relief within an hour or so by going to an emergency dentist. A toothache can mean you have decay or an abscess that should be taken care of immediately.

Dental work failure – If you lose a filling, cap, crown, or other dental work you have on your teeth, that problem should be taken care of the same day. Emergency dentists are setup to take patients in all kinds of dental emergencies. Dental work needs to be replaced immediately in order to protect the tooth and surrounding teeth and tissue.

Knocked out tooth – If you get a tooth knocked out, go to your dentist for urgent care. Dental Implants are often used to replace teeth as soon as possible. This is something that often happens with children who play sports or are very active.

Other dental problems that require same day attention by a Family Dentist Lakewood include broken dentures, impacted wisdom tooth, mouth ulcers, loose fillings or crowns, chipped tooth, broken tooth, and issues with a root canal. Any bleeding, pain, or swelling in the mouth should be checked by a dentist right away. While some things can wait for up to 24 hours, most dental emergencies require same-day services. Lakewood Family Dental has an emergency dentist on staff and the equipment and training to handle dental emergencies.

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