Anxious Patients Don’t Need to Avoid Dental Implant Surgery in Lawrence KS

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Dental

People who have one or more missing teeth at the front of the mouth may really want dental implant surgery in Lawrence KS. However, considering how many people are anxious or even scared to go to the dentist for routine care, the idea of oral surgery may seem overwhelming. They may decide to get a bridge instead of implants just so they can avoid the ordeal of an operation. These individuals benefit from learning about how minimal the discomfort tends to be, especially when considering the advantages.

When a dentist installs an implant, he or she makes an incision in the gum and an opening in the jawbone and then places the metal rod there. Although this is an operation, it is generally a much easier procedure than having one or more teeth extracted. Patients have the option of requesting some form of sedation when they have Dental Implant Surgery in Lawrence KS. The dentist may prefer to avoid providing general anesthesia, but the patient may feel better with access to nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas. Another option would be to take an oral sedative before the surgery or to have a mild sedative administered intravenously for relaxation effects.

Some discomfort or relatively mild pain is normal after an implant has been placed. Over-the-counter pain medication is typically sufficient, and patients typically don’t need to take it for more than a few days. The jawbone does not have many nerves to cause sensitivity, and the gum will heal rapidly.
Another appointment will be necessary at a clinic such as Wilkerson, Saunders, and Anderson so the dentist can attach the cosmetic crown to the implant. An incision is again made in the gum so the dentist can reach the metal rod and put the crown in place. The patient now has an artificial tooth that functions and looks exactly like a natural one.

Anxiety over dental appointments is very common, but people shouldn’t avoid receiving the best care because they are nervous or afraid. Dental implants have considerable advantages compared with bridges or full sets of dentures. Browse our website to learn more about implants and this particular clinic.

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