Brighten your Beautiful Smile with Teeth Whitening in Washington, DC

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Dentistry

Imagine having a beautifully white smile you could feel confident about. Many people are not happy with their smile simply because their teeth are badly stained. Unfortunately, most people will develop some degree of tooth staining as they progress through life. Not only does some food stain, but the aging process stains as well. As a person’s teeth grow older, microscopic openings in the enamel can trap stains that become impossible to remove unless a person seeks teeth whitening in Washington, DC. A dentist can perform these whitening treatments so a person’s smile brings them confidence.

Although teeth whitening treatments have been around many years, they have recently become more advanced and effective. Today’s whitening treatments can remove the deepest of stains from the dentin area, where toothpaste and mouth rinses can never reach. Most dentists use a bleaching treatment that can take a patient’s teeth up to ten shades lighter. The results a person will achieve will depend on their age and degree of staining. Some types of stains, especially those caused by medication, can be impossible to remove.

Whitening treatments are typically performed in the dentist’s office, though some dentists will send their patients home with a protocol treatment to use. The active ingredient in these whitening treatments is hydrogen peroxide, which helps bubble out the stains and reveal much whiter and brighter teeth. In some cases, a patient may need more than one treatment to achieve the desired results.

Once the desired shade has been achieved through treatment, the results can last up to two years. A person can help keep their smile whiter between teeth whitening treatments by avoiding smoking, red wine, coffee and soda. Brushing after each meal and using whitening pastes and rinses can also help keep the stains away.

If you are interested in teeth whitening in Washington, DC, you could look here. Visit to learn how they can help you have the beautifully white smile you have always longed for and thought you could never have. Call today and schedule your teeth whitening consultation to get started.

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