Building Self Confidence Through Cosmetic Dentistry in Glendale AZ

Arizona dental patients optimize their smiles by acquiring cosmetic dental services. A portion of the services classified as cosmetic are, in fact, restoration options. The overall objective is to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth and maximize their self-confidence.

Why You Should Get Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular options in Cosmetic Dentistry in Glendale AZ. The procedures are performed in one dental visit. They require the dentist to place a barrier over the gums to prevent irritation.

Next, the dentist applies a peroxide-based solution onto each tooth individually. After the teeth are coated appropriately, the dentist positions a UV light onto the teeth. This maximizes the effects of the whitening solution. This helps to break down stubborn stains. Patients with extensive stains could require further treatments. Stains such as red wine, tobacco, and coffee stains could require two or more visits.

Are Veneers the Answer

Patients with gaps between their teeth or misshapen teeth should consider veneers. These devices are created of thin plastic. They are placed over the exterior of the tooth. Once they are in the correct position, they are bonded onto the tooth. This restores the overall appearance of the tooth. They also work well with teeth that are damaged. They seal small cracks in tooth enamel and enhance the patient’s smile.

What is Tooth Contouring?

Contouring is a beneficial option in Cosmetic Dentistry in Glendale AZ. The procedure allows the dentist to change the shape of the tooth completely. The dentist performs x-rays to evaluate the current condition of the tooth. This dictates whether or not the tooth is healthy enough to perform the procedure. The procedure isn’t for patients with excessively crooked teeth. These patients should consider braces first.

Cosmetic treatments improve the appearance of your teeth. The procedures reduce visible damage due to staining and subtle damage. The dentist could use these procedures to correct the shape, color, and size of the tooth. Dentists practicing in this area of dentistry focus on building self-confidence by providing the patient with a beautiful smile. To acquire more information about Cosmetic Dentistry, contact Beyond Dental Care today.

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