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Red, swollen gums are a warning sign of periodontitis. Pain near the gum line occurs and bleeding is caused by tooth brushing or other hard contacts. Healthy gums are firm and pink, holding the teeth in the tooth bed and showing no known symptoms.

Everyone’s situation is different

The situation is different if you are suffering from periodontitis and have to reckon with deep gum pockets, gum recession, and loosening teeth. Gingivitis is a precursor and refers to inflammation of the gums. Actual periodontitis describes not only gingivitis but the infection of the periodontium.

Although periodontitis is serious and often associated with bad breath inflammation in the mouth, it still serves the body’s defense against bacteria. It is a response to the body’s immune system. If you do not take the initial gingivitis seriously, it can lead to long-term damage to your teeth and a visit to an Emergency Dentist in Lusby MD.

Note: Rigorous treatment and subsequent prevention will stop the gingival retraction, heal gum pockets, and prevent tooth loss.

The course of treatment in case of periodontitis: diagnosis and prognosis

Before periodontal treatment, any tartar present on the patient’s teeth is removed and a cleaning of the superficial gum pockets is performed. You will also receive instruction on how to perform oral hygiene properly. Since advanced periodontitis is usually a multifactorial disease of the oral cavity, further treatment steps are incorporated into the actual therapy.

The diagnostics are carried out in the following sub-areas:

  • The measurement of the periodontal pockets and their bleeding during probing
  • The identification of a baseline for assessing possible progress

Furthermore, an X-ray report is made and should not be more than six months old until the time of application.

Good to know: A Periodontal Screening Index (PSI) is a way of detecting the condition of the gums. Here, the gums are examined with a special probe and then divided into 5 categories, from “healthy” to “severe periodontitis.” If severe periodontitis is an issue, a trip to an Emergency Dentist in Lusby MD may be needed.

All risks and, for example, previous illnesses flow into the prognosis. Diabetes and osteoporosis, alcohol and nicotine consumption, as well as insufficient participation of the patient, can worsen the prognosis. Visit us for more information.

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