Cosmetic Dentist Highland Park – The Benefits of Dental Implants

Your oral and dental health is important to your overall general health as well as your appearance. If you have missing, broken, stained, or decayed teeth it reflects on how you look. It also adversely affects your self-esteem. Visit your local Dentist Highland Park office to have your teeth and gums evaluated to find remedies for these problems. Dental implants are a popular option for these kinds of tooth problems. This is part of what cosmetic dentists can do for you. The following will provide the benefits of dental implants in Highland Park.

Supports Mouth Structure

Even one missing tooth can affect your mouth’s bone structure. What happens when a tooth is extracted or comes out for whatever reason is the bone area that supported the tooth shrinks and disappears which changes the shape of your jaw. Dental implants resolve that problemCosmetic-Dentist-Highland-Park-The-Benefits-of-Dental-Implants by placing a titanium root into the bone which stops that bone loss. In cases where there is already bone loss bone grafts may be placed before the dental implants. North Suburban Dental of Highland Park professionals will know how to perform the required procedure.

No Slipping or Slurring

Anyone that has ever had dentures will tell you that they make it difficult to speak properly. Dentures tend to move around causing your speech to be slurred and making it hard for people to understand you. Dental implants are attached to your jaw via the titanium screws that act as a tooth root. They don’t slip and slide around which results in making it easier to speak so people can understand you. Implant Dentist evaluations provide a way to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Better for Chewing

Due to the fact that dentures slip around, it also makes it harder to eat. It can make is so much harder that sometimes older people with dentures prefer a liquid diet to save them the trouble. It’s important to be able to chew your food properly for healthy digestion. Unlike dentures that make it hard to chew properly, dental implants are more secure and feel more natural. They make it easier to chew your food which aids in digestion and helps you avoid that liquid diet too soon.

North Suburban Dental of Highland Park office can determine if dental implants are the best solution for your needs. While not everyone is a good candidate for implants, most of the time, dentists can find a way to make them work.

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