What Happens When Porcelain Veneers Are Fitted?

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Dental Services

A porcelain veneer is a very thin shield that is fitted to the front of a tooth. The veneer is made in such a way that it covers any imperfections in the tooth, it can easily hide any small chips and covers stains, they can even close up gaps that at times appear between teeth. To complete the procedure you must have at minimum, two dental appointments.

The first appointment:

Many dental procedures require that a cast be made of the teeth; this is certainly the case when veneers are being made. Impressions are made before the veneers are made and if necessary, during the procedure as well as after the procedure. The first sets of impressions are those that are used to make a mold of your teeth which is identical to the real teeth. This mold is used by the technicians in the dental lab to make the veneers. In some cases the dentist will make a mold which is used to make a temporary set of veneers which are used until the porcelain ones are available.

Between the dentist and the patient, the correct shade will be selected. Many patients think that bright white is ideal, but in most cases this is not the case as they look very unnatural. Business Name can be very helpful when it comes to selecting the shade based on his or her experiences as well as the skin tone of the patient. The objective is to have flawless teeth that look perfectly natural. There are cases when the patient will be asked to visit the dental lab so the technician can check against the skin tone and if necessary, create a custom color which matches the surrounding teeth which are going to be left natural.

Teeth preparation:

It is necessary to remove a little of the tooth enamel so that when the veneers are attached, the tooth has the same dimensions and characteristics. The dentist uses a high speed grinder to remove the material, in the event you feel any discomfort, the dentist can use anesthetic to dull the pain. Once the preparation work has been completed, the impressions are made and sent to the lab. Once the technician has made the veneers and is satisfied with the fit, they are sent back to the dentist for attachment.

The last step:

At first the veneers are positioned on the teeth without any adhesive, the dentist may have to make minor adjustments with the fit. Once the fit is perfect, the teeth will be cleaned and acid etched, this roughens the tooth surface. Using a strong dental adhesive, the cosmetic dentist chicago are affixed permanently to the front of the teeth. Upon completion, you will have a beautiful smile, a smile that you can be proud of. For more details visit Chicago Dental Solutions or call on (312) 649-5980.

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