Dental Fillings in Wichita, KS Could Save Your Teeth

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Dentistry

No one loves the idea of getting a filling. The process itself isn’t the most pleasant thing to go through, since it means having someone numb your mouth, dig around in it for a while, and then eventually insert a filling material into the enlarged hole that’s created as a result. All of this is done for a good purpose, however. If you have problems with your teeth and you have been told that you need Dental Fillings Wichita KS, you shouldn’t put it off. The decision could make the difference in whether you keep your teeth or have to have them pulled.

Most adults will eventually experience enough decay in at least one or two of their teeth that a filling is necessary. Decay happens because the bacteria that naturally live in your mouth love to feast on whatever sugars you eat. They produce acid in the process of doing so, and this erodes the enamel of the teeth themselves. Eventually, this can work all the way through the enamel and down toward the core of your tooth. At that point, you’ve crossed a line where a dentist really needs to take action. If nothing is done, the decay will only go deeper and will eventually reach the pulp and this leads to much more serious problems.

When a dentist is doing dental fillings in Wichita KS, he has to start by drilling because he doesn’t want to leave damaged tooth material that’s full of bacteria in the tooth. His job is to drill around the damage until there’s nothing but healthy tooth left. At that point, he can safely insert a filling to cover up the hole and seal everything tightly to keep the bacteria out. Once this entire process is completed, you should be able to go on with your life normally, and without having to provide special care to the filled tooth.

Failing to get a filling when it is needed can allow decay to get down to the pulp and the root, causing intense pain and an infection. Most people find the tooth pain the comes with this absolutely crippling, and the only real solutions at that point are to either spend a great deal of money on a root canal or to do an extraction. It’s much better in the long run, and more comfortable, to fill the hole before the problem gets that severe.

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