Getting Emergency Care From A Dentist in Folsom

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Dental Services

While many people visit a General Dentist regularly to ensure their teeth are healthy, most don’t realize that dentists often offer emergency services as well. When life’s uncertainties cause an injury to the teeth, patients can visit an Emergency Dentist in Folsom to get immediate care and relief. They’ll perform emergency root canal procedures, denture repairs, and fix chipped teeth. They can help people young and old to fix the issue swiftly so that they can return to their normal lives.

Root canal issues are often the most painful. Leaving them untreated can be excruciating, even leading to further complications. An emergency dentist will often perform an emergency surgery the same day. These issues stem from damaged nerve tissue in the tooth. Dentists will drill into the tooth to remove the damaged tissue, alleviating the pain and preventing infection. They’ll then seal the tooth using a crown. After recovery, patients will have full use of their tooth again with no pain.

Those with dentures have to be careful with their false teeth. However, should the dentures become damaged, an Emergency Dentist in Folsom will be able to help. They will often fix a number of different issues, whether it’s a crack or a chip. Patients need to ensure that they get their dentures fixed so that sharp edges don’t cause injury. A dentist will use dental cement to fix these issues and provide a quick fix.

Chipped teeth, while seemingly only cosmetic, can cause significant harm to a person’s mouth and even lead to infection. Children who experience chipped teeth are at higher risk for damage due to their active lifestyles. Patients need to visit an emergency dentist in Folsom to ensure that they can save the tooth and restore its natural appearance. Similar to dentures, a dentist will often use a dental bond to fix the problem. If the issue is more severe, they may recommend a veneer instead.

Emergency dentistry is an often overlooked service that should be taken advantage of. Instead of waiting in pain for the next appointment, patients can visit the dentist the same day. They’ll get service the same day, allowing them to recover and restore their healthy smile. With the help of an emergency dentist, patients can get their smile back in no time. Go to .

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