Dental Implants and Your Local Dentist in Moorhead MN

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Dental Services

Implantology is the section of dentistry that deals with the planning, placement and maintenance of dental implants. Dental Implants are titanium pieces of root-like bolts, which are inserted in the jawbone of the patient to provide the base and to replace the missing tooth with a prosthetic implant. Implants prevent bone resorption, since they transmit chewing forces to the bone, stimulating it and halting their loss. For more information, see your local Dentist in Moorhead MN or continue reading.

Why are dental implants needed?

  • If you have lost a tooth, you are losing bone. The loss of one or more teeth generates an aesthetic loss (creates a gap in the smile), functional (decreased chewing ability) and also the bone holding the tooth atrophies.

  • Bones are not only a function of tooth support, but are supporting muscles and skin; resulting in a decrease of bone volume, thereby giving you an older appearance.

  • Moreover, the loss of a tooth generates movements in adjacent teeth (leaning space). With the passage of time, occlusions worsen. This may cause you to lose even more teeth.

Dental implants improve quality of life

  • They have the ability to allow people to enjoy the most varied foods again.

  • The use of denture adhesives is not necessary.

  • They are almost like natural teeth.

Dental implants improve health

  • Improving chewing and helping digestion.

  • No need to carve out healthy teeth, unlike crowns or bridges.

Dental implants increase self-confidence:

  • No unpleasant situations can occur like they can with dentures. For instance, they won’t slip or come out.

  • Contrary to what you may think, it is not an expensive treatment.

  • It is a long-term treatment.

  • You’ll save costs when visiting your local dentist, as the treatment lasts about 20 years.

The key element to the success of implantation is osseointegration. This term indicates the capacity, by way of bone tissue, in order to embrace external elements and make themselves useful. Basically, this process can be divided into 3 phases:

  • The blood fills the area between the bone and the implant.

  • Creation of the bone matrix, that is, the basis on which osteoblast cells that are responsible for creating the bone work.

  • Formation of bone tissue.

If this process fails, an implant cannot be placed. This is why you must seek a dental consult well before determining this is the route you want to take. For more information, contact your local dentist in Moorhead MN today.

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