Dental Injuries that Require you to Locate Emergency Dentist in St. Petersburg

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth and gums is important for good oral hygiene, but it is also important for your general health. Accidents happen all the time, such as a broken tooth, but it is important to Locate Emergency Dentist in St. Petersburg as soon as possible following an injury to your teeth and/or gum’s to prevent the risk of infection or other serious problems. The following are considered reasons to seek emergency dental care.

Although a mild tooth ache is painful and stressful, it is typically something that can wait until you can make a NuSmile Dental appointment. If you have tried over-the-counter pain medication and resting the tooth, but the toothache is persistent and does not go away, you should contact your family dentist to determine if you should seek emergency treatment.

Many dental emergencies may not be considered a life-threatening situation, but they still require emergency treatment. You may need to seek treatment from an emergency dentist if you have swollen gum’s, broken dentures, an abscess, and problems with wisdom teeth, mouth ulcers or a severe toothache.

Some dental emergencies may warrant a trip to the local emergency room for emergency dental care. If you experience any of the following as a result of an injury to your mouth, teeth, face or head: seek immediate attention for a broken, fractured or dislocated jaw, teeth that are broken due to being hit in the face, neck or head, mouth, teeth or gum infections or if you have any type of lacerations on your gum’s or the inside of your jaw.

If you experience any injuries to your mouth, teeth or gums and are not sure if it warrants an emergency dental treatment, contact your family dentist as soon as possible to describe the injury. Your dentist will then be able to recommend going to the emergency room or if it is a problem that can wait for a scheduled appointment. If you are in an accident, such as an automobile accident or injured while playing sports, it is best to seek emergency dental care right away to prevent the risk of infection or other serious damages.


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