Dental Implants: Why You Can Trust a Dentist in South Amboy

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Dental Surgery

Dental care treatments have evolved over time and have improved significantly upon treatments of the past. They laid the foundation for better oral care techniques and preventive practices that have revolutionized oral health care. Technological advances in dentistry have also made it possible for dentists to repair a multitude of dental issues and provide quality care for tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease and oral injuries. Patients who have suffered tooth loss have more than one option to choose from to restore their teeth; however, Dental Implants are the most advanced form of tooth replacement. A skilled Dental Implants Washington DC knows how to perform this procedure successfully and how to enhance patients overall appearance and smile even better than its original state.

Dental implants look more like natural teeth and are permanent fixtures in the mouth. They are secured in the jaw where they eventually merge with bone; making them also feel just like natural teeth. They do not pose the same problems that dentures cause their patients, and they are the preferred solution for tooth replacement. Removable dentures can cause patients much pain. Dentures often slide within the mouth, make it hard to chew food, interfere with speech, are not as durable as implants and are not as easy to maintain. Click here

Although dental implants initially may cost more money, they have the potential to last a lifetime. They are sturdy and if patients follow a comprehensive oral health care maintenance plan, they can expect their implants to last a very long time. Dentures normally last only between five and seven years and at that time they may need to be completely replaced if they are too loose. Regular maintenance of dentures may also require wearers to have them relined or rebased to ensure they fit in the mouth correctly. Gum tissue shrinks as a result of gum loss and aging, so over the years it is more likely that dentures will need some extra attention. The initial investment patients pay for a dental implant procedure may end up costing them less than removable dentures.

New Jersey dental care facilities also provide services for cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, emergency dental care, whitening, and all other dental care needs. They are full service dental care centers furnished with the latest dental equipment, a qualified staff , payment plans, convenient office hours and experienced dentists ready to help patients improve their oral health care.

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