Dental Veneers in an Indianapolis, IN, Office Help Restore People’s Appearance and Confidence

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Dentist

While many types of tooth damage can be effectively treated and repaired by a qualified dentist, some dental issues are too severe to correct with normal means. If a person has badly damaged or stained teeth, it may not be possible to improve the teeth’s appearance enough using means like whitening or dental bonding. In some cases, people may have crooked or gapped teeth, but they do not wish to wear braces as a form of treatment. For any of these situations and more, receiving dental veneers in an Indianapolis IN office may be the best option.

Veneers offer many advantages over other forms of cosmetic dental work. Veneers are able to cover the front of existing teeth, so that people enjoy a perfect smile. No cosmetic or restorative work needs to be done to the person’s natural teeth when they choose veneers. This makes it a great option for those who have unattractive gaps between their teeth or who have experienced chipped or broken teeth due to illness or injury. Veneers are also a perfect choice for those with badly discolored or stained teeth, as whitening treatments may not be able to fully restore them to their natural color. Many celebrities even choose to get veneers to give themselves an edge and make their teeth look perfect. Click here to learn more about how veneers can help.

To apply veneers to teeth, dentists must first file down the front surface of their patients’ existing teeth. This gives the veneers an opportunity to lie flat against the original teeth and creates a more natural appearance. A strong adhesive is used to ensure that the veneers will not come loose or fall out. In some cases, veneers are only applied to the front teeth that are visible during speech and smiling. However, some people opt to receive veneers on every tooth in their mouth. A patient’s exact needs and the dental situation will dictate their treatment, and a dentist will assess the patient’s condition before forming a treatment plan.

When teeth are too damaged to repair, it may be best to choose Dental Veneers in Indianapolis IN office. Veneers are the best way to renew the appearance of teeth and improve self-esteem. Dentists will help their clients make the decision to choose veneers when appropriate.

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