Facts about Dental Implants in Bayside NY

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Dentist

Accurately and safely, experts can say that the advantages offered by dental implants significantly outweigh the disadvantages. However, it is always good to know both sides of the coin to make the best decision. For that reason, this article names the disadvantages of Dental Implants Bayside NY. If you are unsure about anything associated in this article, contact Northern Plaza Dental Care in Bayside NY.

Dental implants, by themselves, provide no disadvantage. The disadvantages that are known are not because of the prosthesis you have, but the poor care that follows including, poor hygiene, bad habits, etc. Experts are clear that dental implants are the best treatment that can be offered to people who have no teeth, replacement of a single tooth, or the replacement of several teeth. It can also support restorations or fixed prostheses, and increases retention dentures.

However, it is good to say that there are circumstances which may be considered unfavorable (contraindications) or favorable (indications) when placing Dental Implants Bayside NY. It is important to note that a contraindication does not necessarily mean that an implant cannot be placed but means that the dentist has to evaluate, analyze and study the situation at hand. Implantology is a scientific process, widely developed and accepted by the entire medical community, and guarantees the quality, stability and strength of the new tooth. Putting a metallic material such as titanium in the mouth should not concern the patient either, because it is known that of all the metals a dentist can use, titanium is the most compatible.

Titanium has the ability to integrate with the body without any problem. This is not only the case in the dental world but in many specialty and general medical applications of the modern world. The few drawbacks that Dental Implants Bayside NY could have can be simply avoided with good oral hygiene, meaning cleaning the teeth properly. The dentist will provide proper maintenance through routine evaluations, but it is imperative that the patient follows the detailed instructions of the dentist. In the end, implants do not require any more care than natural teeth do and the good news is that these new teeth never suffer from decay.

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