Dentists in Mason Can Make a Dental Crown in Only One Visit

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Dentistry

People now understand that good dental health is important for a long and healthy life. When people can chew their food easily and comfortably, they tend to eat more nutritious food. The same bacteria that causes gum disease can damage parts of the heart. Preventing inflamed gums, prevents heart disease as well. Dentists Mason find more oral cancers than any other medical professional. Catching this life-threatening disease early gives patients the best chance to survive it.

There are many new techniques that make dentistry more convenient. People who needed dental crowns used to have to wait weeks. They often had to schedule at least three office visits to complete the process. Dentists have new machines and computer software that allow them to make a dental crown in only one visit. If the top of the tooth is still intact, the dentist begins the process by taking a digital photograph of it. This data is fed into the computer. It will be used to make a tooth that matches it perfectly. The dentist then uses a drill to form the upper tooth into a small cube. Another digital photograph is taken. This information is also stored in the computer and will ensure that the dental crown fits perfectly. Visit website for more details about the best dentists in Mason.

A piece of dental resin is placed in a milling machine that is attached to the computer. The dentist selects a resin color that closely matches the patient’s teeth. The computer software generates a tooth that matches the original tooth perfectly. Dentists Mason then put the dental crown in place to check how well the color matches. The dentist can use stains and dyes to make the tooth blend in better with surrounding teeth. Once the dentist is satisfied with the results, he cements the dental crown into place.

Dental crowns are used to stabilize severely chipped teeth or decayed teeth. If a person needs a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, it will be topped with a dental crown. Afinia Dental professionals are among the dental offices in Mason that provide these services. Patients can contact them to learn more about one-day crowns and other dental services.

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